Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Im not sure how between working and kids but I did get 2 Xmas gifts made. Well, it helped that I thought I had to work on a Thursday night only to go in there and I was not supposed to work!! HA!! So I came home and got ALOT done that night. The first thing I got done was a board I made for my mom. I found it at a scrapbook shop and I was supposed to get this special glue stuff to make it look like real tile. Only I could not find that special glue stuff. I need to order it off the net I guess and put it on there for her some other time. Anyway, I made it for her of all the grandkids. Used all CTMH paper and Autumn Leaves Alpha.

The next was a canvas that I got done for my dad and his wife. It is a picture of their wedding they had last April in Hawaii. The canvas is painted brown with some background paper on it. Honestly can't remember where I got the paper or what it is! LOL Im alot of help huh????

Well, those are my two things I got done. Hopefully I'll be back before Feb with more new stuff! hahahah...just kidding@!!