Sunday, April 27, 2008

Checking in with nothing to show.

Im getting complaints (thanks mama) that my blog was old! So I am putting a new post up. Unfortunatly I have no new artwork to show. I have been busy trying to relax. That is really hard work for me. As it is right now, I can't wait to get off this computer and go clean up the house. So since I have nothing new to show, here are a few facts that are going on in our life right now.
1. I have found a new attiction to Bugles. Note to self, do not buy Bugles at the store today.
2. My daughters dance recital is coming up next month and she does not feel prepared. More practice needed
3. I am still running. I am happy running. I am happy the weather is allowing me to run as much as I have been able to lately.
4. I need to add weight lifting to my work outs.
5. My friends want to go to Chicago for a night at the end of May, I wish it were the end of May today.
6. Gotta get groceries today, dont forget to buy Bugles. Need to run another mile.