Friday, October 22, 2010

Xmas cards done!!

Jealous?? I got them done!!!! on to the next project..and no im not posting a picture of them just yet....Halloween isn't even over yet!!
Instead here is one of the kids...Sept. 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some stuff

I got all the paper cut for my xmas cards!! I know im super early but I have about 5 craft projects going on now and the sooner I get done with one the sooner I can move on to another...

I also bought 2 boards really cheap that I am going to paint and make into signs. Not sure yet who they will go to or what they will have on them....any suggestions?

I bought the album at Hobby Lobby half off that I am going to make for Claire hopefully for xmas but if I dont get it done in time, it will be for the Jan. bday. It is going to be an album titled...Us, the first 10 yrs or something like that and be pictures all of just her and I. If anyone has any I dont, please email them to me!

And like I promised...I took Claire to get her hair all chopped off right after her dad's wedding. She was SO happy!! He was not..hahahahha