Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Im not sure how between working and kids but I did get 2 Xmas gifts made. Well, it helped that I thought I had to work on a Thursday night only to go in there and I was not supposed to work!! HA!! So I came home and got ALOT done that night. The first thing I got done was a board I made for my mom. I found it at a scrapbook shop and I was supposed to get this special glue stuff to make it look like real tile. Only I could not find that special glue stuff. I need to order it off the net I guess and put it on there for her some other time. Anyway, I made it for her of all the grandkids. Used all CTMH paper and Autumn Leaves Alpha.

The next was a canvas that I got done for my dad and his wife. It is a picture of their wedding they had last April in Hawaii. The canvas is painted brown with some background paper on it. Honestly can't remember where I got the paper or what it is! LOL Im alot of help huh????

Well, those are my two things I got done. Hopefully I'll be back before Feb with more new stuff! hahahah...just kidding@!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two Snow Days!

Wow! It is amazing what you can get done in the week when you get two snow day's! What a bouns. Well, it wont be come pay day....
yesterday the kido's stayed all night at their dads house and when I woke up we had a snow day! So i got to stay home all day ysterday and most of today by myself! Wow, did I ever get alot done!! I couldnt sleep so was up and moving by 6am. I got all the bedsheets changed to our flannel ones, I got 4 clipboards made, I got my mom's xmas gift made (which I can't post here just yet! LOL)
I got all the laundry done, the house picked up and cleaned. I got the groceries bought..gee what else did I do..oh yeah, I wrapped every xmas gift I had! Productive productive....well, here are a few of the clipboards I made. I just whipped them up super quick so they were done. Nothing fancy on any of them. They are for teacher gifts.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


My paper piercer! Yeah Im a dork and yeah it made me super happy! So I had a few thank you notes I needed to make and I had all day to make them. My mom was even in town and wanting to work on cards today but boy I just wasnt into doing anything. I know it was because the kiddo's were home and now I have nowhere "sacred" to craft and I hate dragging it all out on the dining room table.

Are there any other mom's out there that just can't seem to get into crafting with the kids around? It just started when I became a single mom but I just can't get into it when they are home, up, running around, wanting my attention, wanting fed or I'm cleaning up after them.


I did get my thank you cards done tonight when they went to bed. They were pretty simple (as is everything I do these days).

I used the yellow sheet's from CTMH that my mom gave me today and the pattern paper from Route 66, also the stamp from Library Pockets (CTMH). Got my hands on the new catalog today too. Ofcourse I found some things in there I just gotta have! LOL

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Cards Done!!

I had a few hours to myself today, so instead of cleaning, I got my Christmas cards done!!! It was real fun trying to find everything. They arn't the best in the world, but they work!! I got the inspiration for them from a card I saw on TwoPeas. Then once I got to looking at them, I realized they look alot like the Christmas card I just got in the mail from my friend Marty! LOL

Anyway, I couldnt find any pop dots, so I ran out to Joann's and got some today. Im sure I"ll find my stash now that I bought new. I also could not find my paper peircer, as I wanted to add a brad to them. Oh well.....used all CTMH paper and stamps.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Got one pathetic little card made yesterday. It was a quick card to put my rent check in for my landlord! lol

It was just stuff that I had at my fingertips, which is not much lately> I didnt get down there today to work on my xmas cards, due to the wonderful ice we had. The kido's and I just bunkered down and watched Christmas movies all night and ate very very bad food. Man it was nice to just relax a bit!


No new new's to report yet. I am in the midst of researching my Christmas cards. I just can't sit down and pound out 30 cards. I have to do a week's worth of research first! Looking up cards on line and in magazine's to get a feel for what exactly it is I want to do. I think alot of my creative block is coming from the fact that my craft stuff is spread out in various boxes and totes throughout my basement. It is not readily at my hands anymore. I gotta get organized! I did get a few cards made, but was so disgusted with them I dared not share! lol
I am also needed to start my Christmas gifts I am making. I guess I better get moving huh???
Hopefully I'll have some things to post soon.
And yes, I did get my first Christmas card in the mail already!! (That used to be me! Getting them out the day after Thanksgiving!) And it was a very lovely card Marty!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My 30th

I turn 30 on Monday. I am ok with that. It is just a number..right. lol
Actually, it is just weird that I will be single. I never ever in a million billion years thought that I would be single when I turn 30. Or anytime in the next 50 years actually. But boy, having good friends sure makes life a hell of a lot funner! Some of my best friends (and I am blessed to have a few) threw me a little early birthday party tonight. Just something very small, just girls over, girl talk. Girls hanging out, getting loud, sharing stories. Is there anything better? Not for me right now.
Here are a few pictures of us. I am the one in the black. (no signifigance to turning 30!!LOL)The cake (which i will never get all the way through!) is supposed to be of some famous picture showing a young women on one side and an older lady on the other. I can see the young women, but not the old one in the picture. Guess maybe wishfull thinking??

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is there life out there??

Wow! It's been a long long time since I blogged! Not sure if anyone is even checking this blog anymore or not. To give you a quick, not too personal update, the kid-o's and I moved out of our house (going through a seperation) and moved into a new place. The kids are doing wonderful (i think) and they really like their new home. Here are a few pic's of house it turned out. I have been working really really hard getting it all pretty and hom-ey feeling for them.

Unfortunatly I dont have a craft room in the new house. That is something I will have to get used to. However, hopefully soon I will get something set up to where I can again work on my crafts. And hopefully soon as I need to be working on Christmas presents!!
So as soon as things settle, you will be seeing more artwork from me.
Thanks to my loyal's who have been checking and checking the blog. Im sorry it took me so long to post!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hannah Montana/The Jonas Bro.

Took my daughter and her b/f to the Hannah Montana/The Jonas Bro's concert this weekend. OH MY GOSH>
First of all, where did this girl learn how to move like that?? My daughter I mean! Dang that girl can DANCE!
They had the best time ever and I had a ball just watching them scream, dance and freak out over Joe Jonas! My 6yr'old's new crush! Here are a few pic's from the concert.
PS: This is going to be a crazy week, but I am hoping after this week, things will settle down and I will get back in my craft room (which is collect cobwebs at the moment) and make up something new to show you all! Thanks for sticking with me!
Oh...ok, they are not letting me put pictures up for some reason tonight. I will get them up later tonight or tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Post 97!

No new art work for today. You have to actually get into the craft room to make the art work! LOL
Maybe this weekend. But wanted to direct you gals to a great blog site, she is on the right in my fav's. It is http://justaninkling.blogspot.com/
Just an Inkling. She has great cards and is giving away a great little bundle of blog candy! So head on over there and leave her a comment! You may be the next winner!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Post 96!!


4 more to go before blog candy!!
Tonight I am posting a little Halloween folder album I made. I participated in a Halloween swap on Simone's blog. (Daily Dozz of Spazz on the right).
We had to spend $15 on Halloween stuff, and also send one homemade item. And this is the homemade item I made for my swap partner. (I gotta get this thing in the mail tomorrow!!)
It is made out of a regular manilla folder. I used all Rusty Pickle pattern Paper. CTMH stamps and Autumn Leaves for the dates.
I really wanted to decorate one of those clear paint can's, but was not sure how I would mail it!!
Anyway, I have a little tab for the last few years starting with 2002 and ending with this year. She can put a picture or journaling there if she would like. Then on the other inside flap, there are 3 parts. I have the green piece, she can put a photo on, opens up to the orange piece, (another photo) opens up to a little hidden journaling square.
Hope she likes it! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2 cards

Just two quick cards today. The first one I made for my son's best friend. They take Kuk Sool Won together. I used the same color and stamp as I did for the Make it Monday. I like that stamp. It is the first time I have used it. It is from CTMH. Paper was CTMH also.
And the second card was the one I made for my in-laws 40th anniversary. I used Crate Paper and CTMH stamps for the #40. I used the same paper so that it would match the canvas I made them. Pretty simple, that's about all I've been up to. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Make It Monday

Just an FYI, this is my 94th post! Look for some blog candy when I get to 100!!

Today's Make It Monday is called the Reflection Technique. To start with you will need a stamp, some ink, cardstock and a piece of Acetate. Now, I did not have any acetate. So I improvised, as we in the craft world tend to do. I used clear packing tape! Just folded over so there was no sticky side.

First thing you will want to do is stamp your image on the cardstock.

Next you will stamp your image (same image) on the acetate. Or in my case, clear packing tape. It was a bit slippery to stamp on the tape, but would not be on the acetate. Just be careful not to slide your image if you are using tape as I did.

Next, you will take your acetate and flip it over so that the image you stamped is facing down. Lining it up with your stamped image on the cardstock and gently rub. Your image will come off onto the cardstock.

You can now decorate your card as you wish. Beate did a wonderful tutorial on this over on Splitcoast stampers that I would highly suggest checking out.
And here is my finished card.
Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Oct. 4th

I actually got a few things done today. In addition to getting all the paper cut for my party this weekend, I got this big wooden paper clip made for a friend.
I also got a sample made of the book mark we are making at my party this weekend. I am not doing a traditional bookmark. I am using big metal paperclips. I thought they turned out cute. They are really easy to throw together. Hope the gals' like them!

And here is the other Christmas card I promised you yesterday. I finally got it to down load right!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

2 Christmas Cards

I got two cards done today. I made them because I was hoping to show off the Close To My Heart stamp of the month to the customers that will be at my mom's party this weekend. But alas, I had to give them stamp set back to it's rightful owner! LOL
So I made up two cards quick using the stamp set so people can get a better idea of how big (or small) the set is and what it looks like stamped.
The first card I made regular size. Using Cranberry, black and Ponderosa Pine cardstock. I used colored pensils and gel pens to color in the sliegh.
The second card for some reason did not load into my computer right and is only showing half of itself! I guess it's shy! I'll try to get it up tomorrow. Also hoping to get more done in my craft room tomorrow. Wow, it might just be a red letter week! LOL

Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Oct. 1st.

I dont know about you all, but I LOVE October! Even when life around me turns to crap, October makes me feel better. I love nothing more then riding my bike on a path full of falling leaves or walking through the lake trails in the fall. Oh I just want to go right now!
Due to current cirrcumstances,I am quiting my Make it Monday 's for awhile. Sorry to dissapoint the whole 3 people that tuned in for them! LOL
I did get something done over the weekend. In addition to having a great workshop Sunday where I got to chat with my favorite gals, I made my bestest friend and hostess this month this little notebook. I love whipping these things up!
Hopefully I will get in my craft room this week and get something else made to show you all. Thanks for sticking with me!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Halloween bag and card

This is the Halloween bag we are going to make at my workshop on Sunday. Pretty simple, they'll get to use Vellum and do a little stamp masking. (The ghost on the tumbstone) Stamps and paper from CTMH.
And this little card I made from the new petal set from CTMH. I stamped the petals on pattern paper and cut them out. Enjoy your weekend everyone and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trial and Error

Call someone...I actually got in my craft room today! Well, I was not there long, hoping to go back later today. But I did get SOMETHING done!
I have a workshop coming up this Sunday and a party for my mother coming up Next Sunday. So I had to get my booty in gear.
I finally got the card finished that we are making at both. It is a 4x4 card. It started out as a full sized card and I could not get it to look right. Here is my first attempt at this.

Somthing was just not right about it. I am doing a pastel technique for this card. You swipe your pastels on the black cardstock, then stamp your image in Versamark and it "magically" appears. It is really cool. So here is the final version of the card, cut down to a 4x4. I think it turned out a little cuter.

I will be back later to post the bag we are making to go along with this card at my workshop.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MIA Make it Monday

OH NO! The make it Monday is Missing In Action!
Sorry gals! It has been a pretty nutty couple of days. I will hopefully be getting in my craft room either today or tomorrow for sure and get something made up!
Thanks for sticking with me and check back later this week!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birthday card

This is a card I made for my nephews birthday. This one was tricky for me as I left the chipboard blank! That's like walking out of the house naked for me! I like how it turned out though.
Thanks for looking.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Make it Monday

Today's Make it Monday we are using the sanding block from the CTMH distressing kit. If you do not have the kit, you can use any sanding block.
For the first card, you'll need your sanding block, a stamp, and a stylus tool. It helps to have cardstock that is white core. Which means when it is sanded or torn you see white instead of cardstock that is solid all the way through. These technique's will not work with solid cardstock.
So the first thing you do is stamp on the cardstock.

I used a SU wheel and wheel's my swirls on the cardstock. Then I took my stylus tool and went over the swirls.

Pressing just hard enough to make a "dent" in the paper. Over all the swirls. Then I flipped my cardstock over to the side that has NOT been stamped on. Take your sanding block and sand that side. (the un-stamped side).

Your swirls will magically appear! My picture would not show my swirls super great but trust me, they are there!!LOL
This is my finished card.

Next thing you can do with your sanding block is a fun little distressing technique. First you take a white core piece of cardstock and sprits it with water.

Then you just crumple it up in a ball and then uncrumple it, smooth it out. Take your sanding block and sand right over the cardstock. You will see all the little lines and cracks come out.

I then used distressing ink on mine. Just ran it over the top of my cardstock. And this is how my card turned out.

So easy!! Have a great week!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

For Kennedy

Here is a Making Memories K I made for my friend who just had a little baby girl. They named her Kennedy.
I painted it brown and used CTMH More to Adore paper on it. A few embellishments and some ribbon.
Thanks for looking!!