Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hannah Montana BDAY

Well, I got through it. The birthday party. What the heck exactly was I thinking letting her invite all the girls from her class??? It went well I supposed. The girls were thrilled to come to Claire's house and see her room and all her stuff and all that. We had 11 total. OY! While I wont post pic's of the girls and her at the party, here is a pic of her cake. It turned out so cute! I had a girl make it here in town, she took a picture of Hannah herself and laminated it, then decorated around it. I thought it turned out adorable. Now off to the slumber party....why is noone slumbering????
Ps: funny thing about that cake. she used stamps on it!! I recognized them right away because I have them!! They are Rhonna Farrer stamps! I didnt know you could stamp on cake!