Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend project

Well, so I had most of the weekend off. I work Sunday night. All of Friday at work I was restless. Knowing I had most of the weekend to do something. Anything. I really didnt have the money to go crazy and take the kids anywhere for the weekend. I really didnt want to go "out" with the girls. And since I am still not in a big "crafting" phase yet, I decided to buy paint! Yep, paint. When I moved into this house back in November, I painted every room in it. Except two. The kitchen and the bathroom. (Ok, and the hallway too, but it is not technically a room)So for $20, I got a gallon of paint and painted my kitchen this weekend. Well, I figure it was cheap entertainment, kept me out of trouble, and kept me busy most of the weekend. Ofcourse here it is Saturday evening, my kitchen has been painted and cleaned for hours and I am still bored! LOL Guess I should have bought 2 gallons, one of the kitchen and one of the bathroom.....maybe next weekend!
One crafty side note, I did paint the Welcome sign above the stove!
Here are some before and after shots.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kinda Crafty

Well, I kinda did something crafty this weekend. I have this little pantry right by my back door. There is no door on it, so everyone who comes into the back door can see all our food and business. I had some material that I got for free a few years back and I finally got a little curtain made up for the pantry to cover up all our junk food! But as fate would have it, this would not be an easy tasks for me. I mean, how hard can it be to fold over and inch and sew four sides right??
first I'm sewing away and my bobbin runs out of thread.
Then I go to put thread on it and break the damn bobbin! Do you think I could find anther one in my mess of boxes and tub's downstairs...oh heavens no. So it was out to JoAnns I run.
Get there and can't remember the model of my sewing machine, so I am totally guessing on what bobbin to pick out. Did get the right one by some sheer miracle.
Then I finally (two day's later) get around to finding time to sew the curtain and I totally sheer off the top of my finger! Dont even ask how! It is still a mystery! Something about my finger too close to the needle as it was flying.
So needless to say, my curtain is done, my kids know a new four letter word, and my finger hurts like hell. Still, 2 day's later.


The war wound: