Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sneak Peak

For those of you who get to come to my open house next Saturday, I am giving you a little sneak peak at what we will be making. My mother said they look too complicated! ( I love telling that stuff on my blog, then she razzes me for saying it on my blog!! LOL)
But they are actually very very simple. I promise I will talk you through them if you get to come to the open house!
First card is using one of my favorite stamp set's from CTMH. I also used one of my favorite paper's, the paper that matches that set, called More To Adore.
We will also get a chance to use the wonderful new White DAisy ink pad. If anyone is looking for a white ink pad, skip Stayzon and go with this one! Wow, did it knock my socks off. I am a huge Stayzon fan, but this one is WONDERFUL!!

The next card is actually a tag card. It is half the size of a regular card (4 1/4 x 5.5) and it has a little tag in it. The tag is actually what you would write on.
We are going to use the new set called Delight in Everything and the paper that matches called Let's Get Together.
This one is also pretty easy once you have it shown to you. I am also going to have everyone stamp on the ribbon! That should be fun!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Name sign done

I got one done! I am making these cute little name signs for my friend, for her 2 little girls. They are made out of chipboard coasters. She picked out the paper and the thread and the rest was up to me! I love how her daughter Huntier's turned out! It looked best vertical, but would not hang right, so it is just to sit on a shelf.
Have a look! Can't wait to post when I have the other sign done too! I hope she likes them!
PS: Her daughter's name is pronounced HUNTER, but spelled Huntier!
Dont forget, you can click on the photo to get a better veiw of the sign.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Make It MOnday RE-DO!!!!!!!

Ok, I was feeling super guilty about crapping out on the Make It On Monday today that I am doing a re-do.
So tonight I whipped up a little Triangle Trifold card and I hope my instruction's arn't clear as mud for it!!
Ok, you will need something to score the paper with on this one. You can try to do it without it if you want. As long as you measure where you are folding. You will need a solid piece of cardstock that measure's 3.5 x 10.5.
1. Score your cardstock at 3.5" and then again at 7"

2. You should have 3 equal squares on your cardstock now. Add a diagnol score to both of the squares that are on the end of the cardstock. (not the one in the middle)

TIP: the diagnol score's go in the same direction! I messed this up and had to redo mine! LOL
3. Go ahead and fold your scored lines. This can be a bit tricky and you may just want to play with it a bit. If you're looking at your cardstock, fold your left square in, then the triangle down. Then fold the right square in and the triangle UP.

Hang in there! We're almost there!!
Take your patteren paper ( a 3 1/4 square) and cut it diagonally.

Attach those two little triangles to your cardstock so it looks like this.....

6. Now you can decorate the inside if you like. I cut a piece of cardstock and then layered it with white and stamped a bit on mine.

7. Go ahead and fold your card shut and tie it with the ribbon.
8. Make your image for the front of the card, here is mine.

9. Add adhesive to only half of the back of that image. Only half!! If you do the whole thing, your card will be taped shut. I put it on diagonally.

That's IT!! Just add the image to the front and you are finished! Here are two pictures of my finished card, one open and one closed! Hope that makes up for the cruddy start this morning! I will be back later this week with the finished name sign's I am making for my friend's little girls.

Make It Monday

Well, I had a Make it Monday all planned out but it stunk! I hated how it turned out. I wanted to demo Masking. Yeah, I know, pretty basic, but when was the last time you did it?~!! LOL Seriously! I remember learning how to do it back when I first started stamping and never used it since!
So I am going to refer you to a great tutorial over at Splitcoast that explains it so much better then I tried.
Here is the link (you'll have to copy and paste)
I would love for you all to show me what you do with masking! It is very easy to do.
I will be back a bit later this week with a project I am finishing up. Sorry for the cruddy post today. Summer with the kids has me a bit busier then I thought it would be! LOL
Here are the two cards I did last night using masking. You can see how the flowers look like they are behind the lady walking her dog. And how there are flowers on the girl's dress. That is masking!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My trip to Archivers...

When I went to Kansas City recently, the girls were kind enough to let me stop at Archivers. I usually prefer the hometown feel of a local scrapbook store, but this one will definitly do in a pinch! LOL
I didnt go crazy by any means, but I did pick up a few things. Here were my big buys of the day.
I actually found paper that almost matched my living wallpaper perfectly. I was pretty excited because I have the JUmbo Rusty Pickle Chipboard Alphabets and I want to make a HOME sign with them. So when I found this paper by Daisy D's, I had to get it.

I also found a cute Thanks stamp by Hiedi Swapp that I thought would come in handy.

And ofcourse I had to get a couple more colors of the Making Memories paint. I mean, how am I supposed to collect them all if I dont pick some up everytime I see it!!LOL
Then I found these cute little things called Petals. Made by Dress it up. they had all different sizes and all different colors and for $2...why not!

Now my friend who was with me wants me to make her daughter's a sign for their rooms. So she picked up this paper for one daughters room (this matches her walls exactly! )

And this paper for her other daughters room.

I can't wait to get these done for her and see how they turn out! I will post when I am finished with them. Hopefully I will get in my craft room today! Been busy getting the house cleaned up, laundry, groceries...and all that good stuff.
Have a happy Sunday!