Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday...June 23rd

Had my CTMH open house today. I had a really good time. It is always nice for me to catch up with old friends and also make new one's! I had such a great time talking with everyone today! I hope everyone that came had a good time also. I do have good news for those who did attend....everyone won a door prize!! How amazing is that?! I had a ton of them to give away!
Well, Twopeas WorldWide STamping Weekend was today and I did manage to get 2 of the challenges done.
I got this card done for the Stamps Only Challenge. What a challenge it was! I dont think I have ever used only stamps to make a card! No paper, (beside the card itself) no embellishment...nothing but stamps!! OY!

The next challenge I did was Recyle,Reuse Challenge. You had to recyle or reuse your old stuff. This little tag I made about all went in the trash. It was just little pieces of paper from this or that and a little thread I could have easily pitched. But instead, this was the little tag or bookmark or whatever you call it I made up quick.

There will be no Make it Monday this week. Because of what is going on from the previous post, I"m sure you understand.
Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Don't usually post about personal news.
We just found out our lovely Goldie is in extreme Kidney failure. There is no saving him.
We are going to spend the weekend with him and then take him in to be put down on Monday morning. He is miserable. Loosing half of his body weight. We have known he has not felt well, as he has been loosing weight. When we finally got the blood work done, it was not good news.
Here is a picture of him before he started loosing a lot of his weight.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

WorldWide Stamping Weekend!!!

TwoPeasInABucket is hosting a WorldWide Stamping Weekend this weekend. It is a fun weekend of stamping and challenges. I will post here the list of activities going on for Saturday and Sunday. If you want to participate, just head over to Twopeasinabucket and go to their messege boards. Under General Stamping. You'll find everything you need there!! They're giving away some great prizes!! Good luck!!

Stamped Background Challenge
midnight to noon All am hours Saturday, all time zones!
Hosted by mjfc - Michelle
Use stamps to create patterned or background papers for cards, layouts or any other paper arts project. Post your creations in the stamping gallery between the hours listed above.
*RAK: background stamp from Purple Onion Designs (a choice of script background, music background, scallops or harlequins). Randomly selected winner chosen from postees during the hours of the challenge only.

8:00am-10:00am EDT, 5am PDT , 1pm GMT, 10pm Sat AEST , 8pm Sat WST
First-Stamp-You-Ever-Bought Challenge
Hosted by Glinda - dreis1
*RAK: SU stamp set

8:00am-10:00am? EDT, 5am PDT , 1pm GMT, 10pm Sat AEST , 8pm Sat WST
Bazzill Chip Brooches
Hosted/taught by Kristi – brayergirl
Check out her ingredients list thread.
RAK: Aud Design (See link on ingredients thread)

10:00-11:00 EDT, 7am PDT , 3pm GMT, 12pm Sat AEST , 10pm Sat WST
Earlybirds Morning Chat/ Surprise Challenge
Hosted by Lianne - liannallama
*RAK of yummy PSX Botanical Stamp

11:00-1:00 EDT, 8am PDT , 4pm GMT , 2am Sat AEST , 12am Sat WST
Stamps Only Challenge
Hosted by Sandy – colourful
Make a card (or other project) with stamps only – no attached embellishments, paper layering, or gluing, just stamps on paper---see how elaborate you can get with just stamps!
*RAK: surprise

Alphabet Stamping Challenge
noon to midnight All pm hours Saturday, all time zones!
Hosted by mjfc - Michelle
Pull out those alphabet stamps that we all have soooo many of and start creating!
*RAK: an alphabet stamp set from Purple Onion Designs. Randomly selected winner chosen from postees during the hours of the challenge only.

2:00-3:00 EDT, 11am PDT , 7pm GMT, 5am Sun AEST , 3am Sun WST
Non-paper Stamping Chat
Hosted by Daniel – looser
Open to anyone who's ever wondered if they could stamp on something other than paper. Also open to those who do stamp on non-paper surfaces. Those 'NP' stampers are welcome to share their experiences & examples. Examples do not have to be current--just be sure you share the 'how' on the chat thread.

4:00-6:00pm EDT, 1pm PDT , 9pm GMT, 7am Sun AEST , 5am Sun WST
Patriotic (whatever your country) Challenge
Hosted by Rainbow_Scrapper
*RAK: House Mouse stamp

4:00-6:00pm EDT, 1pm PDT , 9pm GMT, 7am Sun AEST , 5am Sun WST
Distress Ink Challenge
Hosted by Isa-uk
*RAK: Katzelkraft Stamp

5:00-6:00 EDT, 2pm PDT , 10pm GMT, 8am Sun AEST , 6am Sun WST
Surprise challenge
Hosted by Dawn - 3bmom
*RAK: Surprise

6:00-8:00pm EDT, 3pm PDT , 11pm GMT, 9am Sun AEST , 7am Sun WST
Unused Stamp Challenge
Hosted by Rainbow_Scrapper
*RAK: House Mouse stamp

7:00-9:00 EDT, 4pm PDT , midnight GMT, 10am Sun AEST , 8am Sun WST
Class: Coloring with Sharpies
Hosted by MargertAnn
Secret formula will be shared…see supply list in post below!
*RAK: 10--count em, 10--Sugarloaf stamp sets plus a grand prize!

8:00-10:00pm, 5pm PDT , 1am GMT, 11am Sun AEST , 9am Sun WST
2-Stamp Challenge
Hosted by Kat - **Kat**
*RAK: $20 Gift Certificate

10pm-midnight EDT, 7pm PDT , 3am GMT, 1pm Sun AEST , 11am Sun WST
Let the light shine through Acetate Challenge
Hosted by Jan – Far North
Stamping on acetate - can be flat clean pieces recycled from packaging, transparencies or plastic presentation folders; Stazon black ink recommended. General tips will be provided.
*RAK: surprise


Solid Flower Stamp Challenge
midnight to noon All am hours Sunday, all time zones!
Hosted by mjfc - Michelle
I love using solid flower stamps because there are so many fun coloring techniques to use with them. Break out the colored inks, brush markers, watercolor crayons, twinkling H2O's and anything else you love using with these stamps.
*RAK: solid flower stamps from Purple Onion Designs. Randomly selected winner chosen from postees during the hours of the challenge only.

8:00am-? EDT, 5am PDT , 1pm GMT, 10pm Sat AEST , 8pm Sat WST
Watercolour Resist Background Paper Class
Hosted/taught by Kristi – brayergirl
Check out her Ingredients thread.
RAK: Tanda Stamps (link on the ingredients thread!)

10:00-11:00am EDT, 7am PDT , 3pm GMT, 12midnight Sun AEST , 10pm Sun WST
Bella/Girly Card Challenge
Hosted by Dawn - 3bmom
*RAK: Bella stamp

11:00am-noon EDT, 8am PDT , 4pm GMT, 1am Mon AEST , 11pm Sun WST
Vellum Challenge
Hosted by StampingMathilda – Godelieve
Embossing on vellum. Samples and supply list are on her blog: White on vellum; Inspiration samples are posted so you can get started on WSW early!
*RAK: Just Johanna stamps. Randomly selected winner chosen from postees during 24 hours from the start of the challenge.

Faux Postage Stamp Challenge
noon - midnight All pm hours Sunday, all time zones!
Hosted by mjfc - Michelle
Get a little artsy and create some fun faux postage. This can be on any type of project or it can just be the faux postage to be used on something at a later date.
*RAK: set of faux postage stamps from Purple Onion Designs (a choice of either the Vintage Postmark Set or Vintage Postcard Set). Randomly selected winner chosen from postees during the hours of the challenge only.

noon-2:00pm EDT, 9am PDT , 5pm GMT, 1am Mon AEST , 12midnight Sun WST
3-Techniques Challenge
Hosted by Andi - RrlScrapGal
*RAK: surprise

1:00-2:00 EDT, 10am PDT , 6pm GMT, 4am Sun AEST , 2am Sun WST
Inchie Challenge
Hosted by Sandy – colourful
Inchies are inch-sized pieces…they can be used on cards, sb layouts, art pieces of all sorts. The only requirement for this challenge is that they include stamping---so get out your tiny stamps, or find creative ways to stamp a portion of a larger image onto an inchie! My inchie gallery will give you a "small" idea of what inchies can be!
*RAK: Surprise

2:00-4:00 EDT, 11am PDT , 7pm GMT, 4am Mon AEST , 2am Mon WST
Non-ink Stamping
Hosted by Jbgreendawn
Stamping using acrylic paints, etc.

4-5:00pm EDT, 1pm PDT , 9pm GMT, 6am Mon AEST , 4am Mon WST
Make [& use] your own stamp
Hosted by Daniel – looser
Nobody has to run out purchase materials, but if you're someone who likes to have stuff on hand, check out the stamping gallery--lots of pieces there that show 'made' stamps.

6:00-8:00pm EDT, 3pm PDT , 11pm GMT, 8am Mon AEST , 6am Mon WST
Masculine Card Challenge
Hosted by Rainbow_Scrapper
*RAK: SU retired set

Misc RAKS offered:
Philippa (pillypop) - UM stamps
Ethel (lucasmom)
Michelle (Mjfc) - POD RAK

TIME/DATE TBD for this one:

Stamp Your Scrapbook Challenge
Hosted by neyw
Use 2 different stamps and 2 different inks on a layout.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Go TwoPeas!!

I love twopeasinabucket! It is the best website for ideas, tips, and alot and alot of artwork. Anytime I need a quick little bit of inpiration, I head there. If you have not tried it yet, go take a look. They have literally thousands of pages of layouts, cards, altered items...whatever you fancy.
So I was bopping around there the other day and found out they have challenges! I have alot of pictures piling up and need to get them in pages. I am to the point where they pages do not have to be perfect, just done! So the first challenge I participated in was a Scraplift challenge. You look at another poster's profile (that is where they keep all their layouts and such they have posted) and you basically copy one of their layouts! So here is the layout that I copied. It is by the user whinney26.

She has a very simple style that was hard for me to work with, because while i loved it, it was hard for me not to put 6,000 things on a page like I normally do! LOL
Here is the layout that I did to copy her
Ok, now the other layout I did was for a sketch challenge. They posted a sketch, and all you had to do was put your own photo's in it! So easy! This is the sketch.....

And here is the layout that I did with the sketch. I finally got some pictures of my son's Kuk Sool Won tournament scrapped!
I really enjoyed these challenges because I got 2 great pages done in one day! I just whipped them out. For me, coming up with the idea of the layout or card is the hardest part. But if I can keep participating in stuff like this, I might just get caught up on all my pictures I need to scrap! Have a Happy Wednesday!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Make It Monday

Ok, I'm not exactly sure what this "technique" is called.
But what we are going to be doing today is using our patterend paper and stamping on it! It is best if you use an open stamp for this. For my card, I used Autumn Leaves FLOWERS by Rhonna Farrer. (She is one of my favorite designers)
Ok, so first you take your open stamp and stamp on the patterened paper. You can stamp it as many times as you want, just make sure you can see the image you just stamped. This is what my flower looks like. I will stamp this 3 times.

Next you will take a pair of sissors and cut the image out!

That's pretty much it people! You now have the images to use as you want and you can finish your card or scrapbook page however you want. I will show you what I did with my three flowers. I made a background to match my dot paper by using the eraser of a pencil and dipping it in ink.

And this is how my card finished out. Notice the flowers are using the dotted patterend paper. So easy! Hope you enjoy your week! I'll be getting ready for my open house!