Thursday, July 26, 2007


I've been doing the Scraplift Challenges at Twopeas lately. I like those, because you get to "lift" or copy another person's work, and make it your own. Basically, you take an idea of theirs and turn it into your own work.
This is a layout that I did last week. I lifted a talented artist with the domain name of bacarson.
I lifted this layout she did of her cute daugher:

This is my version of it. I had this silly photo of Claire and knew it would go perfect.

The journaling says:

I dont think you know the meaning of the word. Well, I know you dont, you're only 6. But still. I always describe you as a "free spirit". Where the hell did you get your personality anyway? I know it's not from your quiete father or reserved mother. Your brother puts us both to shame in the game of self control.
But my dear are an individual all your own. I"m so proud of that. Even when you're struting around in a bikini at the age of 6 showing off "your buisness". One day, you'll be the death of me. But today, I laughed and laughed at your goofy smile and tummy sticking out and it felt good.

To view more of bcarson's work, visit her gallery at


Stampin' D'Amour said...

I found your BLOG thru another Blog...I really like your layouts!! They are FANTASTIC!!! I'll have to stop by again! :0)


SpAzzGiRL said...

Very cute layout, love the patterns.

Vicki said...

Those are great pages Christina!