Saturday, December 8, 2007


My paper piercer! Yeah Im a dork and yeah it made me super happy! So I had a few thank you notes I needed to make and I had all day to make them. My mom was even in town and wanting to work on cards today but boy I just wasnt into doing anything. I know it was because the kiddo's were home and now I have nowhere "sacred" to craft and I hate dragging it all out on the dining room table.

Are there any other mom's out there that just can't seem to get into crafting with the kids around? It just started when I became a single mom but I just can't get into it when they are home, up, running around, wanting my attention, wanting fed or I'm cleaning up after them.


I did get my thank you cards done tonight when they went to bed. They were pretty simple (as is everything I do these days).

I used the yellow sheet's from CTMH that my mom gave me today and the pattern paper from Route 66, also the stamp from Library Pockets (CTMH). Got my hands on the new catalog today too. Ofcourse I found some things in there I just gotta have! LOL


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Hi Girl!
I have no idea where my paper piercer is either!!! HA!
Scrapping with kids...My 'space' is open and I have gotten used to the kids running through, making noise elsewhere, etc...But, for my sanity, I set up a spot for Sami because when I get started, and when I am deep into a project, she usually wants in on the action...
So here's a suggestion:
1. Have snacks premade, so they can help themselves (a little snack bar, they will love it!)..
2. Designate a creative area for them.. so they are busy while you are busy... something the can come and go to as they please... playdough, water colors, Oh! A gingerbread house kit!!!
3. Get one of those Lifewise folding tables, put it against the wall somewhere near your dining table, and make that your area so the table is free, OR, get some TV dinner trays, for a fun 'movie time' for the kids while you are creating!!!!
Hang in there, it will get easier once you get a new system in place... it's still all new!!!
I'm cheering you on!!! You are doing awesome!!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

It's the mom guilt at work again...We always feel like we "should" be doing something else like washing a dish or washing a face, there's always someone to feed, right?
I try not to let it get to me and say, screw the dirt! I need a little me time and I explained to the kid a LONG time ago that if I didn't run off an hide every once and a while I would be one crabby momma.
I say, just tell the kiddos, pop in a video and make a mess...then leave it all out for a couple days, who cares?! LOL