Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hannah Montana BDAY

Well, I got through it. The birthday party. What the heck exactly was I thinking letting her invite all the girls from her class??? It went well I supposed. The girls were thrilled to come to Claire's house and see her room and all her stuff and all that. We had 11 total. OY! While I wont post pic's of the girls and her at the party, here is a pic of her cake. It turned out so cute! I had a girl make it here in town, she took a picture of Hannah herself and laminated it, then decorated around it. I thought it turned out adorable. Now off to the slumber party....why is noone slumbering????
Ps: funny thing about that cake. she used stamps on it!! I recognized them right away because I have them!! They are Rhonna Farrer stamps! I didnt know you could stamp on cake!


My Little Hobby said...

What a dream come true for any 7 year old girl! I hope you get plenty of slumbering after this. Cute cake. Now I'm hungry for something sweet. Maybe I'll go bake some Hello Dollies. My daughter has been craving them.

SpAzzGiRL said...

11 girls at a sleepover...I just got a headache for you!
Glad you survived!

Anonymous said...

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