Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Stranger

Well well, it's been awhile. I think it's about time I start this thing back up. I see that my photobucket account has also expired. Needless to say, I've fallen off the crafting bandwagon. I am ready to jump back on...well I wouldnt say that. I am ready to follow behind at a slow trott before jumping back on.:)
Life has been very interesting for us the last few months. Big changes. The b/f and I decided to move in together after alot of very long discussions. ALOT!! Being stable and on my own was a very hard thing to give up.
Plus, his house needed ALOT of work....O M G!! You know I had to swoop in there and throw my touch all over the place. We redid every single room in that house....EVERY SINGLE ROOm. Im tired. lol
And its not even finished yet. Just livable. There is still so much to do. One day at a time now.
The kids love their rooms, and we are all starting to settle in nicely. We had plans for a walk in closet, however, things change. I now have a craft nook!! It's not the biggest or best space in the world but at least I am able to get to my craft supplies now.
So.....hoping to get some crafting done soon. I think he is more anxious for me to use it then I am. He keeps asking me..."did you craft today?" LOL soon as I repaint our bedroom (we built a bedroom, picked out colors, painted it, and niether of us like it much) I'll get back to crafting!! Hoping to start off just putting some pictures in layouts that I have already done. Then hoping to finish some layouts i've already started.
Well, here are some pic's of the kiddo's and stuff. Happy January everyone!!

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