Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hell froze over...didnt u know?

So I think it is official....Hell froze over. No im not talking about the horrid tempatures we've had in the Midwest for the last 3 months. I'm talking about the fact that I actually made a card. I made a card.
I did. Honestly. I made one. My BFF bday is coming up and so I had a little time between laundry, cooking, dishes, working out, cleaning the house and going insane that I actually sat down in my very cluttered unorganized craft space and I made a card for her last night. It is not the best, biggest, most wonderful thing i've ever created in the world. But I made one. My first real card I've sat down and thought about and put together in a very very long time. Probably over a year.
Stamps were all Close to my Heart. Paper was also.

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