Friday, May 4, 2007

What a surprise!!

Wow! I got a big surprise today when I clicked on my blog to do some work on it and low and behold I had my frist comments! Thanks Beate! I'm a little embarrased as I am not advertising my blog just yet and it is not quite ready for viewing!LOL I have alot of work left to do and things to get sorted out and figured out on it. It is a bit more complicated to start then I anticipated. Oh well..all part of the fun!LOL
Beate has one blog I try to visit daily, I have her link on the right hand side of this page, check her out when you have time.

I am in the middle of cleaning out my craft room. Out with the old and in with the new! After signing up with CTMH last week (still waiting anxiously for my kit)I decided it was time to give my craft room a little overhaul. I will humbly post a few pictures of it in the process of organization....Here is one.
That is my counter top. With many projects sitting unfinished on it. The next one is of my floor and one corner of the room. Oh my goodness do I need to get busy!!

And last but not least, the other corner of the room where the desk is and all my daughter's craft stuff. She is great at getting stuff out to do her "crafting" but horrible at picking it up.

Hopefully next week I will be posting new pictures of my newly cleaned up room. It shames but to show this!! If you know me, you know I am a clean freak and this is about as shamefull as I get! LOL


Po said...

WOW, You're set up is FABULOUS!! I knew you like stamping etc.. I didn't realize how into it you were!!

clhenry99 said...

OH my gosh is so nice to "see" you! You are gorgeous!!! Thanks for the comment!!

Vickie said...

I love your site. You did such a great job.

beate said...

Your stamping place looks great. I found your blog because you linked to mine. Under admin you can see who links to your blog.
Your blog looks great already! I abandoned my first try of a blog and started a new one. It was that bad! LOL Have a great weekend! Hugs and smiles