Thursday, June 28, 2007


As you can see...I've changed the look for my blog! This digital paper I am fairly sure I paid for at PickleBerryBop (or Pop!!LOL). Someone correct me if I'm wrong. LOL
I have so many and tend to forget where I get them or who they are by if I dont include it in the title when I save it.
I was ready for a change...something summer-y. Hope you like it.I need to change the photo now, as it does not really match. Leave me a comment if you have time and let me know if you like the changes or not.(just click on comment at the end of this post, it will do the rest.)

I did get something else accomplished tonight. My sweet neighbor and I were talking about die-cutting machine's, punches and all the other goodies you can buy out there. I mentioned how I am still on the hunt for something that is fast, easy and affordable for cutting circles. So she (being how sweet she is) brings over the Creative Memories Custom Cutting System for me to play with. I hooked! I only played with the circles (though she had to have every template ever made for it!) And I just loved it. It was so easy to cut a circle! I finally got a chance to play with it tonight and here is the layout I made with it.
My DD finally got the hang of hoola hooping this spring and I loved these photo's of her. She loved that there looked like there were a bunch of hoola hoops on the page!!
Enjoy your weekend coming up!

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Yellow Fence said...

Love the new look & the Hoola page. Very cute!