Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Unmounting Wood Stamps

I have no wood mounted stamps in my house!
Once, a long long time ago, I was a Stampin Up demo. I had over 100 set's! Once, long long ago, I went on ebay and sold EVERY one of my set's except 2 alpha set's!!

I needed a break from crafting for a while. The past year, I stuck my foot back in the water, thinking I would just take a little dip and test the water. Little did I know I'd be diving from the high dive in a matter of months!

So here I am, back doing what I love. I still love Stampin Up stamps. Even though I now sell Close To My Heart. Every company has something to offer. My mom was recently a hostess to her Stampin Up Stamp club and I ordered a set off of her. I dont mount my SU set's on the wood however. I found an awsome tutorial on this blog:


(just copy and paste) and never looked back!
It works like a charm for me, and now I am not afraid to buy a set I won't use.
Hope you find what you are looking for in the crafting world. There is something for everyone.

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My Little Hobby said...

Hi Cheryl! Your blog layout is so cool looking. Thanks for the comment on mine too.

As far as the acrylic stamps go, that's unfamiliar territory to me and I am clueless how that works. My sister is hooked on it though. I was given a few recently and loved how easy they were to use, but the storage part is something I haven't figured how to do. Changing a system is hard. Anyway, I just wanted to greet you too! I like your scrapbooking.