Monday, July 9, 2007

Make is Monday!!

Hello! Today is Make it Monday. Today I will be giving you some tips on how to make an 8x8 (or any size you want really) album in one weekend! I know you can do it! It is really rather easy. All it takes is a little planning!!

FIRST thing you need to go is research research research!! During your lunch break, while watching TV, whenever you have some down time, look through magazines, websites and anywhere else you can for layout sketches. I posted a bunch of websites you can view for great layout ideas.

Most album's come with 10 page protectors. That equals out to 20 layouts you will need to make to complete the book. A front page, and ending page and all that inbetween.

SECOND thing to do is sketch down or take a picture of the layout's you want to use. I suggest using 5 layouts. That's all..just 5 layouts to complete your book of 20. Just repeat the 5 layout's 4 times each throughout the book. It makes cutting the paper so easy. Your layouts throughout the book will flow together because they have a similar look to them. Use the same pattern paper on all the layouts so the book flows.

THIRD thing to do is cut the paper. After you have found your 5 layouts, you can cut the paper, (pattern or cardstock). Get the paper all cut and ready to go.

FOURTH is as simple as an essembly line. Just put it all together. Get layout number 1, the paper that matches and just start gluing it all together. Dont worry about embellishment just yet, dont worry about journaling just yet. Just get all 5 layout's glued together 4 times each. You will have the bulk of the hard work done.

LAST is the fun stuff. Now after you have all of your layouts put together, then go back and worry about where to add a little something special. A few brads here, a block of journaling there, a couple flowers on this page..etc......

This is what will give each page it's own feel. So they will all flow together, without all looking exactly the same. I have just finished a memory album I did for our cat Goldie we had to have put down. I had a million other projects to do, but I was in the mood to do this one and with this method, I got it done in a few days. I have yet to find an album for it! lol But here are a couple examples of how I used this method. I put each layout in a slide show so you can see how the layout is the same, but the pages look different. Remember you can click on any slideshow to get a better look at it. Hope this helps you!!

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My Little Hobby said...

I recently did my first 8 x 8 album and it was SO much fun! It was a birthday gift for my niece and I loved doing it and it was easy. I love your guidelines here. Makes me want to make another one!