Monday, July 2, 2007

Make It Monday

That is what we are doing today. Ok, tonight..sorry i was way late getting this up.
So you see the words digital scrapbooking and you automatically want to just click on to something else because you have no clue about it and dont' really want to get into it.
That's ok! Not a problem.
I just wanted to share this blogger I found a couple months ago. I like to make my own desktop's. I have made a few in the past. I usually make one for me and one for my mother. Usually like a month to month kinda thing. Well, then I came across this blog site and she has done all the work for me!! The last 2 months have been so busy for me here...i have not had time to get my own desktops I just used her's!
Here is the desktop for July from

It is so cute! I love it. So all you do is go to Shappy Princess' blog site. On the first page you see, you will see a picture of the desktop. Under the picture, it say's Click here to Download. And that is what you click. You are basically just saving it to your computer for future use. It will save it as zipped. That is ok. You can click Open, but I usually Save it. Save it somewhere in your computer where you can find it later.
Now for this next part, you need some sort of phot-editing software. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0.
You go into your photo-editing software. Click Open or Open New...find your desktop and open it. Then all you have to do is drop and drag your own photo's in the box's. It really is so simple!! LOL
Save your finished copy to your computer again. Now you can go into Start, Control Panel, Display, Desktop, and browse your computer till you find where you saved your finished desktop!
If you do not have a phot-editing software, you can still use the desktop, you just wont have any pictures in the boxes. Not a big deal! Please email me if you have questions!
Have a great week!!


Christine Smith said...

The Shabby Princess desktops are definitely beautifully made! Nice post~
Christine Smith

Cora said...

Very pretty!