Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy birthday card

Here is a card I made for a friend who turned 30 this year. We are all turning 30 this year!!! I have until November, but it is not stressing me out any. Just a number. This card was weird for me as I did not inking on it. Just left the open space on the kraft paper. I had a hard time leaving it alone!
Twopeas blog challenge question for the day is "What would be your dream job?"
Well, right now I am a SAHM and I am getting really bored! Right now my dream job would be to be a teacher's aide in our school district. Keep me busy during the day, have the same day's off as my kids, and not go into work till 9:30. How perfect!!
Have a great day!


Kathie Bailey said...

How I wish "we" were all turning 30! I'm afraid my numbers are a little higher. :-) When is your birthday in November? Mine is a November birthday as well.

Cute card Christina.

reflections:0) said...

Great card! I love it and I am 34 not that much older than you....hehehe And here I look at that photo of you and go man she can not be a mom yet...hehehe You look like a kid...:0) I still get asked for I.D. even of lotto...:0)


vickie said...

What a wonderful card! Thank you so very much for the card. It is my favorite! You are so sweet!