Monday, August 20, 2007

Make it Monday

Hello all!
I have been making cards since 1998! That add's up to a lot of cards when you stop and think about it! There were plenty of times when I get bored making them, get tired of trying to think of an idea or just get bored of the same ol' 4 1/4 x 5 3/4 cards. So today I made a few different shaped cards just to change things up a bit.
You can make cards in just about any shape you want. I did not get to make a heart one, but that is next on my list. Look for that later this week!!
I did get a flower card done.

The best way to make a flower card (if you don't have a template) is to just doodle the flower and cut it out as I did here. I just drew the flower on the card with a pencil ( and about the 5th try) I cut out the flower, being careful to leave the fold at the top.
Another easy shape to try is a circle.

If you do not have a circle cutter, a cd works great! I made this one with a circle cutter, but I don't like how it has the big flat spot where the fold is.
Even with shaped cards, there are many way's you can open them. You can cut two separate pieces of paper the exact same shape. Then, you attach the front and back pieces of paper with any kind of attachment. Examples...stitch them together, staple them together, attach them with eyelet's or brads, or ribbon.

And lastly, I created this is like a regular rectangle card, but just by using the corner rounder on all paper, it gives it a softer, finished look. Sometimes, you don't have to make a completely different shape, just alter the regular up a bit. Have a great day!

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Kathie said...

Fun shapes Christina! I need to think outside the box too.