Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rocking Blogger??? ME???? Tagged too?!

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I was nominated to be a Rocking Blogger! I can't believe it!! I was nominated by reflections:0) over at

If you have not had a chance...go check out her blog. I love looking at all the blogs, getting new ideas, seeing new things people have made.

I was also Tagged recently by Dawn over at

She has a great blog also to check out. fulfill my part of the deal, I need to nominate 5 people who I think have Rocking Blogs! Here are 5 that I check out frequently.

1. Gotta give it up to Simone. I just love this gal.

2. Kathie has some of the most amazing cards I have ever seen!

3. Kelly has a great sense of style to her cards. I love checking in to see what she has made next.

4. I just recently was introduced to this blog and I really love it. Very inspiring!!

5. I just love love love this blog!!
So there are my picks ladies. I hope you find some new inspiration out there!!

Now, to fulfil my tag I have to post 7 facts about goes.

1. I am a clean freak. Most who know me already know this but I think I have a little OCD in me! I cant physically leave my house if it is a mess. Not necessarily spit and shine, but picked up, vacuumed and dusted.

2. I am going to start Kuk Sool Won in September. (it is a form of martial arts) Being raised with 2 brothers and a fairly athletic father, I've never really been afraid of sports. I like being physical and sweating. My son is almost a brown belt and I watch him and it is so fascinating to me. Time to join.....

3. I could go a week before I realize make-up has not touched my face all week..oops..sorry public.

4. I have a soft spot for animals, cats especially. I dont like dogs. I dont HATE them, I will just never own one.

5. I love getting the mail everyday. Whether it is email or snail mail. Just something different.

6. This is getting tricky! I dont smoke. Or drink alcohol really. I will, I just never do.

7. I am very very frugal. Unless it is something I want! lol

Ok, there you have it. A peek into my fascinating life! LOL Are you asleep yet?!


My Little Hobby said...

You're so kind! Thanks for the compliment. I've added you to my blogs I read! Thanks for being so nice.

reflections:0) said...

You are a Rock'n Girl Blogger...:0)


mum on the run said...

Thanks for entering my blog candy, I've announced the winners!! Hope you stop by and visit me again :)

SpAzzGiRL said...

thanks for the tag...You rock too!

Kandis Smith said...

hey girly! thanks so much for the nice tag! Now I gotta start thinking of things about myself!!