Monday, May 7, 2007

10 Cool way's to use Chipboard.....

1. Rubber Stamp it! You can paint it first, but dont have it, get those stamps' out and stamp all over it!
2. Machine Stitch! Just get a heavy duty needle, like that used for jean's, and you can stitch right through it!
3. Heat Emboss! This looks really cool on chipboard. You can also play with it a big to make it look textured.
4. Masking Tape! Cover it with small pieces of cut up masking tape and then use your acrylic paint or even spray paint over it. Gives it a cool textured effect.
5. Button's! You can put button's on it or you can make your chipboard look like button's. All you have to do is cut 2 or 4 holes in the middle of a piece of circle chipboard!
6. Eyelets! Let's not forget those eyelets. One cool thing to do is paint your chipboard brown, put it in the middle of a flower, and put the eyelet all over your chipbaord so that is looks like seeds in teh middle of your flower. (think sunflowers')
7. Hole Punch! Punch wholes in the chipboard so that the paper behind it comes through.
8. Mini Album! Chipboard makes a great mini album. It is so durable!
9. Rub-On's! Dont forget to get those rub-on's out and use them! You can paint the chipboard first but you dont have to!
10. Distress! You can use chipboard just like you do your cardstock. Distress it just like you would CS. Rip it, crinkle it, smoosh it. However you like to distress, go for it!

Another thing to remember about using Mod Podge with chipboard, Mod Podge will alway's stick to itself. Always! So if you mess up, the chipboard piece is not lost! If you dont like the paper you covered it with, just recover it!


CAKVD said...

Thanks for the great tips with chipboard. Would you believe that I just used my first piece of chipboard only about a month ago? I painted it and then put patterned paper on it. It looked so cool. Thanks also for visiting my blog -it's nothing much right now. I gotta focus on it instead of on other people's blogs!! :)
Cheryl KVD

vickie said...

I just want to say that everytime I log into your site, it keeps getting better.