Monday, May 7, 2007

Make It Monday!!

Wow!! I have so many ideas on how to use chipboard. Mostly thanks to the class that I took at Creating Keepsakes Convention in April.That was so much fun.
I will do 2 of my all time fav's here with photos.
I am always painting my chipboard! It is the easiest way to dress it up. In this example,first thing I did was cut out the B from the negative I wanted to use (Not the negative's I am givng away!)
Next, I cover it with paint. I like to use Making Memories paint, however, if you are covering a large amount of chipboard or just starting out, the cheap acrylic paint you can pick up at Walmart for .44 will work just fine! As long as it is acrylic.
After letting it dry, I simply doodled a bit on it. The negative's are so cool because you can put patterend paper behind them and it show's throw. This is the birthday card I made with the B negative. I liked the doodeling on it because you can't really tell that I did not cut out the B perfect.

This is also an oldie but goodie. I started off with my plain chipboard letter. This time I used a BIG alpha K from Making Memories.
Having the trusty Mod Podge is a MUST!! You can pick it up at Walmart, Joann's and any art store. It comes in Glossy or Matte. Either one will work for gluing.
So first I always turn my letter over and trace it on the back of the pattern paper.That will help me not have so much extra paper on my letter.
After cutting it out, I slather that Mod Podge all over! All over the back of the pattern paper, and I also like to put some on the item I am gluing it to. So I will also put some on the letter. Then I put my pattern paper onto my letter. I used 3 pieces of Basic Grey for this K. Make sure you really smooth out the bumps. I like to take my rubber brayer and use that to smooth it out. (think of putting up wallpaper and smoothing out the bubbles).
Now comes the neatest trick of all! If you get some extra paper hangin off of the chipboard, all you have to do is sand it off. Really sand it. Get a good piece of sand paper, even a nail file will work. Just sand sand sand and it will come right off. It kinda "cuts" it off of the chipboard.

And that's it! You're done!! Just embelish it however you like. I made this K for my daughter's teacher. I plan on framing it for her.

Youll notice the little tag I put on it. It is also chipboard. I covered it with PP and added rub-on's to it. Then I covered it with a glitter. How fun!

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