Thursday, May 10, 2007

CMTH Kit Came!!

My kit came! My kit came! I am so excited!! It came 2 day's early!! LOL
It was not supposed to be here until Friday and it came Wed. just before I went to pick my kids up from school. I didnt even have time to open it on Wed. After getting the kids there was Kuk Sool Won practice, cooking dinner, cleaning up dinner, cleaning up kids, reading books, bedtime. By then I was wiped out and ready for bed too. So I just opened it this morning after my friend Robin came over. She helped me go through the kit and explained some things to me. What a great value I got!! Can't wait to start playing with my new stuff. I guess I better find a new home for all that stuff now!LOL
Good thing I finally got my craft room all cleaned up! I'll post pic's later of some of the stuff I got and some stuff I made with it! I can't wait to have my open house.

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