Sunday, August 12, 2007

Make it Monday

I received some Angel Co. stamps recently and I realized that allot of people may not know a little trick to them.Usually with rubber stamps, even if you use an acrylic block, you can't see the image while you are stamping it like you can acrylic. But now you can! By stamping the image on the ezmount BEFORE you mount the ezmount on the rubber stamp.

You can do this with any rubber stamp that you put on ezmount.
First, you cut out the image if you need to from the rubber. This is a picture of the rubber stamps with the ezmount (me holding it).

Second, you put a little adhesive on your cut out rubber image. You can use your rubber just like this if you have no ezmount.
Ink your image up with Stayzon ink....and stamp it on the back of the ezmount. The part that goes on the clear block, not the super sticky part that goes on the rubber stamp.

This is what the whole stamp set looked like when I was done stamping it on the ezmount.

Next, cut the images out from the ezmount, and attach the ezmount onto your stamp using the super sticky side of ezmount.

And now you can see the image when you are stamping it!!! So neat! Enjoy your stamps!

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Sandy said...

What a great tip, thanks!!!